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Welcome to Mi Veggie! This blog is my place in the world, where I can share my journey, transforming love into food. I hope you enjoy it, and that can also help you to find new flavors, keeping you healthy and happy!

Feed yourself with love!

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Welcome! My name is Michele. I am Brazilian, and I live in Germany.

Oh, Brazil! My beloved country, a land that took me in for so many years and still takes me in the heart, because the distance is only physical.

I am vegetarian, without judgment, without preconceptions. I just feel in my heart an inexplicable certainty that I don´t need any more to eat meat.

Since five years the life is showing me several possibilities. Being in different places, having the opportunity to, in each of them, rediscover me and improve myself. One way to learn, to grow and to evolve.

Therefore, I say that I am living without border ...

To live without border makes you stronger, makes you happier. You judge less and accept more. We all have our imperfections, and it is precisely for this reason that we must seek our internal improvement.

One of my discoveries was learning to cook! Believe it or not, honestly, I confess: I did not know to cook anything. However, as said earlier, live without border makes you rediscover yourself. I rediscovered myself cooking. I saw an asleep passion. I simply love to test new flavors, make different recipes, looking for the best nutrients. Today, for me, make a delicious food also feeds my soul.

I am also a mommy, my little girl called Sofia Marie. She is one of the reasons that inspire me to seek the best in me, including ideas for my recipes.

I love to photograph my courses. I cook and simultaneously I think: What will be  the best click to register the food that I am preparing?

And this is my little place in the world, wherever I am, a place where I can share, always with Love, Affection, and Respect, my recipes, tips, and discoveries.

As we are here without border, the Blog is writing in three languages:

- Portuguese, my mother tongue;

- German, the language from where I live at the moment and also the language from my husband, my incredible journey partner and who motivated me so much in creating the MiVeggie;

- English, for we can connect much more with the world around us.

You will find vegetarian and vegan recipes.

All of them healthy and made with love.

Enjoy it!

With love,